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Breakthrough Formulation CryoTangent™️ Complex

Our trademarked super concentrate, CryoTangent™️ Complex, is a combination of super mesenchymal seed stem cell and Swiss Alpine Rose stem cell derived growth factors, cytokines, anti-inflammatory factors, and angiogenic factors. Our coveted active ingredients undergo an extremely rigorous selection process, filtering USA AABB and FDA certified super pure mesenchymal stem cells, and rose stem cells strictly harvested on the highest peaks of the Swiss Alp’s at altitudes of above 3,200 meters, in combination with an exquisitely crafted advanced ceramide complex mixture of 5 highly effective ceramide nano-compounds to form our proprietary miracle complex. 

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30 Years of Clinical Studies

Developed by Harvard Medical School Cellular BioTech Experts

Established with a team of world-renowned scientists and skincare experts with over 30 years of expertise in research and development and clinical studies in the field of cellular biotechnology at Harvard Medical School. Our top scientists pride themselves upon many years of experience in advanced therapies and immunotherapies, developing cellular based skincare products that transcends existing global standards.

10 Years of Research & Development

Advanced Cellular Regenerative Skincare Technology

Developed with an aspiration of resolving the 3 major weaknesses of industry leading skincare products in the market: quality, efficacy, and safety. Our in-house team of experts have successfully developed a novel product that encompasses a superior super seed mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) conditioned medium. The conditioned medium is secreted from the highest quality cord tissue derived MSCs. Formulated with our miracle ingredient and core technologies to fully penetrate the epidermal layer, and repair cellular damage from deep within; achieving eternally youthful skin.

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Super Seed Stem Cell Derived Growth Complex

Revitalize Skin at the Cellular Level

Stem cells have the ability of  “self-replication” and “multi-lineage differentiation”. As the origin of life, stem cells are multipotent cells that form various tissues and organs in the human body. Our cellular regenerative skincare technology retains a full spectrum of concentrated growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors, and angiogenic factors that delay cell aging, and enable the repair and renewal of aging skin cells

In the process of proliferation, stem cells release a variety of highly active growth factors, which regulate the differentiation, proliferation, and growth cycles of our skin cells. Our cellular experts strictly select the most primitive and highest differentiative super seed umbilical cord tissue mesenchymal stem cells approved and certified by the USA AABB and FDA.

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Swiss Alpine Rose

Strengthen and Defend Against Environmental Stress

Known as the flower that never fades, the Swiss Alpine Rose is grown on the highest peaks of the Swiss Alp’s at altitudes of above 3,200 meters, and strives in extreme weather conditions for over 100 years. 

As studies have revealed, the Swiss Alpine Rose contains superior natural healing and regenerative powers. These innate abilities allow the flower to withstand extreme environmental stress and harsh weather conditions. When incorporated into our serum, it can effectively enhance the skin’s barrier, defend against climate change and environmental stress, enhancing the skin’s natural vitality.

Advanced Ceramide Complex

Strengthen Skin Barrier and Lock in Surface Moisture

Ceramides are a family of phospholipids naturally found within the skin’s epidermis. They are the essential building blocks of our skin’s barrier, responsible for locking in moisture and protecting the skin from external environmental damage.



Advanced Lyophilization Technology

Concentrates and Stabilizes Rare Active Ingredients

Stem cells are highly unstable active ingredients that can only remain active for about 7 days once removed from temperatures of below -196ºC. To fully stabilize and preserve the efficacy of this precious ingredient, our team of industry leading experts have integrated the most advanced lyophilization technology into this product, producing a freeze-dried powder which is stable and can be preserved for up to 2 years. This innovative technology allows our CryoTangent™ Complex to retain its full spectrum of growth factors, cytokines, and anti-inflammatory factors, while extending its shelf life from 7-14 days to 2 years.

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NFC Nano Liposome Encapsulation Technology

Active Release of Nano-formulation for Deep Penetration

With an overwhelming number of products in the market that use large molecule ingredients, that cannot penetrate the skin’s surface and be absorbed, our team of skincare experts have integrated an NFC nano liposome encapsulation technology into our serum. This breakthrough technology allows our elaborately crafted active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin's epidermal layer, allowing the ingredients to be activated at the skin’s deepest layers, and fully absorbed.

Active ingredients are encapsulated into nano size liposomes, approximately 1000 times smaller than the average molecule size of traditional skincare product ingredients. This enables our products to penetrate the skin’s deepest layers, achieving revitalized skin that is more plump and nourished from within.

Superior Product Quality

The vast spectrum of growth factors and anti-inflammatory factors in our CryoTangent™ Complex are exclusively cultured from USA AABB and FDA accredited umbilical cord tissue super seed MSCs. In comparison to stem cells extracted from other sources, such as, embryonic, placenta, bone marrow, fat, and adipose tissue, stem cells extracted from umbilical cord tissue are less viable to external pollutants, such as, viruses, drugs, and other contaminants; it is the most primitive and most highly differentiative primeval stem cell with the highest purity. However, the quantity of stem cells extractable from this source is extremely minor, and it requires highly sophisticated technology, as well as a highly experienced team of cellular experts. Thus, the capacity of this technology is only mastered by a few of the world’s most elite medical teams.

As indicated by various clinical trials and studies, mesenchymal stem cells have shown significant results in the rapid repair of damaged skin cells, and has transcended the capabilities of traditional singular surface effect products currently existing in the market. L’ÉTERNEL products targets skin aging at its origin, stimulating cell regeneration, reducing redness and irritation, empowering the skin with impeccable resilience.

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Superior Product Efficacy

Trademarked Miracle Ingredient CryoTangent™ Complex

Activate cell regeneration with CryoTangent™ Complex, exclusively formulated with a full spectrum of human growth factors and anti-inflammatory factors, exceeding competing product concentrations by over 2000%.

Trademarked Lyophilization Technology

Advanced lyophilization technology effectively preserves and stabilizes rare active ingredients, extending its life span from 7-14 days to 2 year.

Trademarked NFC Nano Liposome Encapsulation Technology

NFC nano liposome encapsulation technology effectively allows nanoparticle active ingredients to penetration the skin’s deepest layers.

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